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 Arena Julia is an Australian Author and Educator, privileged to live high in the foothills of the D'Aguilar Ranges, in Queensland. She shares her indoors with her family, furry ones included, and her outdoors with an array of wildlife, some tucked up in pouches, some screeching from eucalypt towers. Beyond writing, her interests include wildlife, education, and transpersonal practices. Arena is inspired by the mysteries of nature, and is often concerned for the well-being of our world.


As a writer, Arena finds the creative experience, in which the conscious mind is put aside, and other parts of the mind take over, both wonderfully surprising, and essential to her process. She strongly believes that the conscious mind should not dominate the initial writing, as this would overpower the individual psyches of the characters, inhibiting their unique paths, and their evolving as they should. So, yes, she's definitely not a 'planner' when it comes to her writing, happily placing herself in the 'pantster' camp.

Arena's published works include Australiana picture books, and fantasy fiction for t'weens, teens, young adults, and very definitely, the young of heart! From 2010 to 2012, Arena wrote, illustrated, and self-published Billabong Dance, a rollicking read with plenty of Aussie animals, Aussie lingo, and humour. Simultaneously, she was working on Riley in the Rafters, a heart-warming story for readers of all ages, based on real events, about an orphaned, juvenile possum learning to make his way in the world after he'd lost his mother. (New editions of both books now available.) Her latest picture book, Dragons in the Sky, is now available in paperback. (Please see bookstore). Another version of 'Dragons' is available free to view at Arena Julia Author YouTube.

Between 2013 and 2016, Arena wrote and produced Amora Trilogy, a moving 'other world' fantasy adventure ~ filled with magick, mystery, and mayhem! ESOR, ELON, and EVER will warm your heart and soul and keep you turning pages!  Her latest completed work, ORB Rider: Angel of Shadows, an urban paranormal fantasy, is loosely set in the Bayside region of Brisbane, Australia, (where Arena grew up and where scenes from Unbroken, and Dead Men Tell No Tales were filmed). Being Part One of two, the mystery continues into Part Two, The Four Triads, (now in progress).

All Arena's works have made their way into many hearts and homes, through public appearances, bookstores, schools, or libraries. Her EBooks are available through Amazon Australia, and worldwide through Draft2Digital. They are also free to libraries through Draft2Digital


Print books are available to libraries through Peter Pal Library Suppliers, and to other readers through Arena's Website Bookstore, author events, and other appearances, as well as a number of school and public libraries. (Please contact your local library or bookstore if you would like them to stock EBooks or Print books.) Happy Reading!

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