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Amora and Surrounding Regions : 

From Book One ~ ESOR


In Amora, use of direction be related to purpose.


all things lightness be North,

all things darkness be South

all things more grounded be East,

all things lesser known be West.


Serena Valley, and the Vale of Serendipity be North,

Shadow Valley be South,

Amora be East, (Outer Reigions be North East),

The World Beyond, Simmaron, and Ice Cliffs be West

Amora Village


Luminous Hollow be North,

Forbidden Hollow be South,

(and the Pit be South when needed),

Amora Village be East,

Ethereal Reserve be North East,

Thorny Grate lead West.

Unknown Lands

From Book 2, ELON


ISA is an Unknown Land beyond the Ice Cliffs, discovered by Sidhe Faery Mae when following the whim of the winds on her Windhorse, Naweeya.

(Naweeya's name means

'fresh and full of life'.)

Magickal Definitions



Wise guides in ethereal form with whom strong energetic connection can be made through the Cavern of Secrets.


Older, and sometimes wiser, Sidhe or Faye folk.


Empoweror, Lord of Never.


Endings, Voids, Endurances, Renewals.

Faye Folk:

Common folk thereabouts.

Garland Sidhe:

Young Ones, come of age, with the new privilege of using domestic magick unsupervised.


Beginner student, passed basic, formal, non-domestic, magickal studies.

To know:

A conscious mind knowledge or learning.

Knowing, (or to Know):

The intuitive, truthful wisdom from within.


Manifestor, Ancient Enchantments.


Real transformational power, (as compared with magic, which is the illusion of transformational power).

New One: Baby.

Old: Aged.

Olde: Aged, with wisdom.

Olde Ones:

Ethereal Ones with close relationship to the physical world, and thus, somewhat denser in essence, and subject to some physical laws. They function as one soul family, one thought, one action, one voice.

Pail: A bucket.


Rare container resembling a pail, but with magickal powers of containment.


Teachers of Amora.


Regals and nobles of Amora. (Note, while genuine qualities of nobility should render them impervious to snobbery and superiority, this is not always so).

Sprites of Simmaron:

Giants of the Sprite world. Thin, nimble folk, often considered untrustworthy. Chocolate and payback are of significant importance to these folk.

(Note that while for many an age most Sidhe preferred to place Sprites more into the realms of myth, all acknowledged the presence of Simmaron, and none denied the presence of Thorny Grate.)

Tiny One:

Of an age when handholding is wise, and supervision, essential.

Twinkling: Unborn soul.


Ones disappeared whose names are never spoken.


Mystical bird of Isa with four wings, two powerful feet, talons as long as a Sidhe forearm. Massive beak, with splintered teeth for shredding. One retractable tooth on top of its beak. Voracious appetite. Excellent mothers. Branch nests line the Ice Cliffs. Ability to camouflage. Ancient ancestors were haired, not feathered. Flesh and eggs can be eaten. Egg shells make useful platters and bowls. Dung used for construction, as well as fuel for fires.


words: used in everyday spoken language 


Words: Powerful invocations of magick.


working: related to everyday activities


Working: The magickal activities of a Worker

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