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Riley, a young brushtail possum, must learn to make his way in the world without his mother. Supported by his memories of their deeply loving connection, Riley finally musters the courage to step out from his home in the rafters into the world of night.
Inspired by actual events.
A heart-warming story for readers 
of all ages.
 This New Edition ~ available now!
The sign says, "Everyone Welcome", but when Dingo arrives at the Billabong Dance the other animals do their best to make him leave. However, the unphased, exuberant Dingo has other ideas!
This humourous and touching Australian picture book, written in rhythmic verse, and gleaming with gems of classic Aussie Lingo, will bring a smile to the cheeks and hearts of readers of all ages.
(Includes Glossary for Aussie Lingo)
 Sold out! But will be back in 2021!
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