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Reader Reviews~ Amora Trilogy

'Rarely can a story be told that can describe such a vivid and enthralling world, and yet, still keep the story moving at such an exciting pace.'   

Reachel, Supanova Reader

'Magickal, electrifying, captivating! Hard to put down until you've turned the last page!'   
Lynette Duffy, Author and Reviewer

'I cannot wait for more from this author!'   
Belinda Ives, Amazon Reader

'This trilogy is a riveting journey all the way through - a tale of magic and adventure, acceptance, belief and trust. Well worth reading and hard to put down. A well developed world with well developed and loveable characters, a wonder-filled place to jump into.' 5 stars!
Bridie Mae, Smashwords reader

Reader Reviews~ Picture Books

RILEY in the Rafters

'Riley in the Rafters' fits beautifully with our philosophy that relationships live forever.
It is important to learn how to use memories to enhance our feelings of connection 
to draw on the wisdom inherent in our relationship with loved ones who have passed.
I love the description, 'From there they watched as the first hands of dawn appeared,
to fold the dark cloak of night away, to make the morning.'
Thank you for Riley. I plan to add it to our centre
's resources for children and staff.

Billabong Dance

'Billabong Dance' made me smile and feel good, as it is meant to.
I am already imagining it being read around the fire at the adventure camps
we hold for children and families.

I love both books!

Dianne McKissock, OAM
Co-founder Bereavement C.A.R.E.
Co-founder and Patron, National Centre for Chiledhood Grief.


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