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A reluctant hero.

A dark angel.

A new love.

A world on the verge of collapse.

He's not even seventeen yet, but Aurin's destiny looms like a spectre over his life. The Angel of Shadows has emerged, and Aurin isn't ready. In fact, he doesn't want to be ready. Who asked him if he wanted to be a hero?

So far, he's avoided, evaded, and resisted his Calling in any way he can. Yes, as a result he's been robbed, beaten, left for dead more than once, and has often woken up in places he's never heard of. Nevertheless, his mere survival is confirmation that once again his tactics are working, and those bullying Realmwalkers have failed.

Even so, strange events are eating into his world with gruesome consequences. Like it or not, he must risk his life and present life-form to become the Orb Rider he never wanted to be.

ORB Rider by Arena Julia

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ORB Rider Cover created by Arena Julia using stock images from the following artists. Gratitude to all!

dragon-409055 Image by MegaraDorothy on Pixabay

sword-3209229 Image by CoolCatGameStudio on Pixabay

vector-2688224 Image by glyndwrgirl on Pixabay

red-dragon-eye-rasterized-copy-illustration-id804612882 by Marina Parfenova

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