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Sidhe Faery Mae is beset with nightmares,
so foreboding they can't be ignored.
​"It's the Plight of Elon," her Windhorse reveals.
​"It's the only way​​​ to end this state within you,
​bursting now from your mother's protection."
​​Following the whim of the winds on her Windhorse, Naweeya,
​​Mae must unravel this mystery of the Plight of ​Elon
before she becomes the beast of her nightmares.
Dread fills her, for if those nightmares are any indication,
what lies ahead is a pus​tuled witch with a blood-eyed dagger,

a silver platter, and deadly intentions.

From hidden Lands to hidden pasts,​
​through twisted trusts and tainted loves,
this second adventure coils in a complex web
​of daunting deceptions, determined desires, and enduring devotion.

ELON Book 2 (Pbk)Includes postage, Australia

  • 198x129 Pbk : Full colour gloss cover - original hand painted digital artwork. 324 pages including 2 maps.

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