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(Also available on Smashwords and Amazon Australia)

When Sidhe Faery Mae turns sixteen,
new Knowings grow within her, new Sensings guide her,
a new Inner Voice whispers to her,
sharing secrets and ancient words of magick.
What she doesn’t know though,
is what deathly darkness this olde magick can release,
or what forces of destiny it can impel.
The Olde ones warn her,
“Meddling may dire imports invite!”
But Mae decides, if it’s so wrong, it won’t work anyway.
And so, as always in Amora, all things unfold as they should...

From shallow desires to heroic fortitude,
within a new enchanted land,
this coming of age fantasy forges a powerful path
through enduring love, selfless compassion, and agonising choice.

ESOR EBook (Book 1)

  • Inside the download link are files that are compatable with Kindle, IOS and windows.

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