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Amora is beset with madness and mayhem. Her borders are gone to disarray. Hills and valleys fill with fear and hiding, with lying and spying. Threat skulks ill-intentioned in Amora's shadows and sweeps Amora's skies. Moon is full with souls for feasting, held hostage by malevolence surely gone too far.
And so it continues. A promise made, a promise paid,
who can tame the evil of the Emperor, Lord of Nether?

From darkest desires to deepest dread,
through daunting betrayals and bedevilled devotions,
this final adventure in the Amora Trilogy seeps within a shadowed world, challenging trusts

and long held truths, testing mercy and methods through madness.

EVER Book 3 (Pbk) Includes postage, Australia

  • 198x129 Pbk : Full colour gloss cover - original hand painted digital artwork. 390 pages, including 2 maps and glossary.

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