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Amora Trilogy ~ More than Magick

It’s been five years now since I completed the writing of Amora Trilogy, an endeavour which began with the hosing of my garden, and a gazing into the mists rising from the foothills of the D’Aguilar Ranges. And honestly, I have to say that I am so proud of what was achieved in the telling of this beautiful story, and of the remarkable characters that fill the pages of each of the three books. Yes, it’s a fantasy, so there’s magick and otherworldliness. And yes, it’s an adventure mystery, so there’s intrigue and deception, and a puzzle that doesn’t fully resolve until the final pages of the third book. But there’s so much more as well. There’s wisdom, and life lessons harshly learnt. There’s

Visions & Voices

I have been writing in some form my whole life and it’s always been an almost ‘otherworldly’ experience. I call it intuitive writing. Author and public speaker, Michael Roland, calls it writing from the Superconscious. But by any name, it is a very different process from a conscious, step-by-step approach to writing. My stories feel as if they are ‘given’ to me, rather than being created by me. (I hope that statement doesn’t jeopardise copyright!) I literally see visions, and hear voices in my head. I ‘see’ sequences of events, as if watching a film. I can hear descriptions of entire paragraphs as if someone is reading a story to me. I can hear the conversations of characters, in their uniqu

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