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Amora Trilogy ~ More than Magick

It’s been five years now since I completed the writing of Amora Trilogy, an endeavour which began with the hosing of my garden, and a gazing into the mists rising from the foothills of the D’Aguilar Ranges. And honestly, I have to say that I am so proud of what was achieved in the telling of this beautiful story, and of the remarkable characters that fill the pages of each of the three books. Yes, it’s a fantasy, so there’s magick and otherworldliness. And yes, it’s an adventure mystery, so there’s intrigue and deception, and a puzzle that doesn’t fully resolve until the final pages of the third book. But there’s so much more as well.

There’s wisdom, and life lessons harshly learnt. There’s love and duplicity on every level – through hierarchies of generations, and through the intensity and naïvity of young hearts betrayed, broken, and healed. Through the breadth and depth of this coming of age fantasy, a powerful and absorbing path is forged for the reader, through every daunting betrayal, through every agonising choice, to enduring love and selfless compassion.

It's magickal, beguiling, riveting & inspiring.

Enjoy the journey!

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