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Oracle Messages from the Magickal Folk of Amora

“Let all hearts know their truest belonging.”

Look below for your oracle message intuited by Arena Julia,

inspired by quotes from the magickal Folk of Amora.

1. Choose from one of these folk of Amora ~ Mae (blue), Brom (red), Naweeya (gold,) Berry (indigo), or Sojourn (green)

2. Choose a number ~ 1, 2, or 3

3. To receive your message, look below for the name/colour and number you chose.

(A modified oracle message for ‘Young Ones’ can also be found further down)

BLUE: MAE ~ Manifestor, Ancient Enchantments


“Look with yer Inner Knowin’. Not all beauty be truth, an’ not all truth be beauty.”

Time to Trust in Your Inner Knowing.

Your intuition is your greatest gift at this time. For important decisions, or when undecided, or feeling uneasy for no apparent reason, trust in that gut feeling or that fleeting unconscious thought. It gives you important, fruitful guidance that your conscious mind will overlook.


"She couldn’t be sure, that she could be sure. She felt too close to it, to even trust her Inner Knowing.”

Time to Be Patient.

Take your time and give yourself space to step back from the pressure of making a choice or decision at this time. As they say in Amora, ‘all things unfold as they should’. Modern lives are fast-paced and filled with opportunities for immediate gratification, so we can become short on patience and shorten our time frames for consideration of important decisions or endeavours. So perhaps make a decision, not to make a decision at this moment in time. Put it aside and do something enjoyable and enlivening. Come back to it when you feel more ready.


“Obviously her naïve trust in her Inner Knowing had been a ridiculous mistake!”

Time to Trust

An unfolding is occurring, and not in the way you had expected. This is merely a fork in the road which leads to your true destination. Just because things do not unfold as we’d hoped or thought they would, does not mean that we made a poor choice, or that we are heading in the wrong direction. Sometimes they just unfold differently from how we expected, or perhaps more slowly. You will look back on this ‘set back’ with wisdom and gratitude.

RED: BROM ELIAD ~ Aura Master, and born to be Hero of Amora


“It was a coming of age that would create a hero, or crush him as an unaudacious dud.”

Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

Do not be daunted by the challenge or change you are considering. As the adage goes, it is better to try and fail than live with a lifetime of regret. There are no guarantees that things will work out exactly as you expect, but this challenge or change will reap rewards in one way or another.


"Instead of a loathsome, deadly beast, a real hero’s bounty, he carried a bucket and a waif. But a waif worth saving..."

Time to Be the Hero.

If you find you are being called upon to help another at the expense of personal plans or expectations, now is the time to forgo them and help that other. Being that hero in this time of another’s need, brings positive change and inner growth.


“One day, when he was surer, a definite, undeniable champion, they’d be lining up, begging him to choose them!”

Time to Dispel Inadequacies.

Do not allow inadequacies to get in the way. We all feel inadequate at times, which can lead us to judge ourselves as inferior or less capable than we are, or less capable than another in a particular situation or relationship. This can inhibit taking action or deprive ourselves of opportunity. It can also lead us to alienate ourselves by alienating others ~ trying so hard not to be inferior that we coat ourselves with a defensive air of superiority. This is a time to consider where this attribute is impacting on your life.

GOLD: NAWEEYA ~ Mae’s Windhorse


“Never will a Windhorse abandon her Rider.”

Time to Connect.

This is a message of friendship and loyalty, about taking care of your close connections. Have the 'must do’s' taken all your time away from those you cherish most, including yourself? Take some time to breathe, to have that chat and that cuppa with a Dear One, (and leave that phone on silent while you do!)


“Mae loved that Naweeya chose this range. It had the resonance of the throat chakra, filling their bond with truth and trust.”

Sing to Your Tune!

This is a message about finding your true self. It might involve something as deep and life-changing as honouring a big change in direction in relation to your soul purpose, or something less dramatic but equally meaningful, such as joining that class, or pursuing that hobby you have had a hankering for, but just keep putting on the back burner. Time to ‘sing’ to your tune! Time to find those harmonic connections!