Magickal, inspiring, moving, beguiling

First Printed, 2014

Revised Edition with Glossary, 2017

"This spell is such a simple thing. What harm could it do?"


When Sidhe Faery Mae turns sixteen, Dead of Winter brings her secrets, and ancient Words of olde magick. Ignoring warnings and prohibitions, Mae works her Words, unleashing menace upon all Amora.


First printed 2015

"Jealousy feeds many an irrational deed."

Sidhe Faery Mae is beset with darkness so foreboding it can't be ignored. Her only hope is to follow the whim of the winds on her Windhorse, Naweeya - to a wart-eyed witch with a blood-eyed dagger, a silver platter, and deadly intentions.


First printed ~ 2016

Reprinted ~ 2018

"Ever is a very long time for a promise."

Amora is wretched, fallen. Darkness seeps from the World Beyond into Amora, and all the Lands thereabouts. Threat skulks ill-intentioned in every shadow. Screeches of Shadow Sidhe riding Vennagle fill the air, and Moon is full with souls for feasting. Held hostage by malevolent promise surely gone too far, Amora's future hangs by a shred.

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