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2019 - HOPE and PROMISE!

It’s that time of year again, when we curse ourselves for not ticking off all those boxes from last year, and screw up that old ‘to do’ list, and wonder if we should even bother fooling ourselves again. But I say, ‘Yes!’ Definitely, ‘yes’!

It is always worth persisting with effort towards living a life that feels meaningful and purposeful. The way I see it, those lists are a reminder of that part of ourselves that wants that, needs that - feels that having those goals is important in spite of…

Giving up ensures only one thing – failure! Persistence ensures possibility. It gives us hope and promise.

Perhaps we might question, what is the use of empty hope? Of promises to ourselves that we never fulfil, or never fulfil to the level we want?

The way I see it, with or without complete fulfilment, hope and promise have inimitable intrinsic value. Hope and promise are what sent us to the moon. Hope and promise are what achieved that Thailand cave rescue. Hope and promise are what keep us getting out of bed in the morning, when deep loss hits our souls, and grief is so heavy we don’t think our legs will hold us up anymore. Hope and promise are what help us achieve the seemingly unachievable against all odds.

So, let’s get to work and each make our lists! Stick them on our fridges, or under our mats at the front door, or on our bathroom mirrors – it doesn’t matter where. The act of making those lists is an act of giving ourselves a gift of hope and promise for 2019. A gift that lightens and inspires, and helps to create meaning in the year ahead.

Not only that, it alerts some subconscious part of ourselves to be aware, to see or to hear - to notice opportunities in the coming year. It alerts us to things that without that flicker of perception might have slid straight past - things which might in some way lead us towards the achievement of something on our lists.

Numerologically, we have the universe on our sides this year too! 2019 is a universal three year, (2+1+9 = 12, which converts down to 1+2 = 3) This 3 energy brings the energy of growth, expansion, creativity to us all. It supports us in the achievement of our possibilities.

We must be aware though, of the duality of our physical world, the yin and yang of all things. Where there is growth in positive, advantageous traits, there is also potential for growth in other negatives that we might prefer to deny in ourselves. Consequently, we can see this as a time for not only highlighting our strengths, but to find strengths in traits we perceive as negative – in ourselves or others.

If, for example, we see ourselves as too outspoken, (I’ve been accused of being a ‘know it all’ more times than I care to count), rather than seeing this trait as a negative, we can transmute it, grow it into something positive. Advocacy is an example of the positive aspect of this personal attribute.

In other situations, meekness might hold us back. (Even the most outspoken of us might stay quiet when perhaps we should have spoken up.) We can become aware of a need to grow our courage in these situations. We can also look for opportunities to apply the benefits of that quieter attribute. We can be a good listener and responder. We can speak gently and calmly in situations when everyone else is escalating panic or aggression, when instead, de-escalation is required.

Every attribute, every situation or event, has a positive and negative persona, so let’s grow our good, and transform our not so good. Let’s use those bright attributes that make each one of us, a ‘Me’, to create the kind of 2019 we desire. Let's have a 2019 of hope and promise!

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